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Digital Content Management

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What is "Content Delivery"


Content is just a generic term used to describe ALL of the different types of media that can be sent out for distribution. This includes broadcast quality tape such as Beta SP, DigiBeta and can also mean digital formats such as Mpeg2 and Quicktime files.


Madpug has the ability to deliver your "content" to any broadcast, cable or network location. All locations have specific requirements and we can help you get your media to its final destination.


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Have a product to promote?

Make a commercial! Better yet...make a 30 minute informercial!

Making your product visible on television or even clips online can help get your product out there. We can help you create any type of visual media that you might need and show you how to get it on the air.

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Want your old tapes on DVD?

Many folks don't realize that your tapes degrade over time. Maybe you haven't even looked at them since you last used that camera.

MadPug can create a DVD with the tape footage you provide to us. We can mix and match footage, pictures, video clips and author a professional DVD for you.

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Over 20 Years Broadcast Production and Content Management

Members of the MadPug team have been in the production and broadcast market for over 20 years. This experience guides us to create media presentations, commercials, informercials or virtually any visual graphic that you may need. If you have any questions about our service or just need a free quick quote, please contact us. We offer a wide variety of services including video production (shooting, editing, writing and voiceover), motion graphics and animation. We also offer content delivery services that can get your spot to broadcast and network locations in the correct format ready for air. There is likely no need to pay the astronomical prices the big digital content delivery companies charge. Give us a call or send an email!

Videography for Any Event or Broadcast Destination

Digital EditingMadPug will shoot, edit and give you a final copy of your product in the format that you need. In today's media saturated world, this can be a variety of projects from school functions, parties to high end commercials for air on television or streaming online. We can help you with any of these and help you decide if you feel overwhelmed with all the choices available.

Your professional final product can also be mastered and sent to broadcast, cable and network locations for air if you have purchased airtime. We can transcode to any broadcast quality format and send your media content to the location digitally to avoid messy tape costs and packaging.


Motion Graphics and Animation

We have talented graphic artists available to create stunning motion graphics and animation to bring your production ideas to a new level. Bring your video to life!

Using applications such a Adobe After Effects and other notable programs, we can create eye catching show opens, segment bumpers, or web vignettes.

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DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

All projects can be finished in SD or HD. We will provide the client the appropriate final product in the format that is required..

Digital Content Management and Delivery to Broadcast, Network and Cable

We will provide any client that needs to delivery their final product to air, the digital files that they will need. Typically, broadcast, cable and network locations require specific formats or they will reject it. The basic formats are MPEG2 (PS and TS) and Quicktime formats (h264 and others). Also, these formats MUST adhere to standard broadcast specifications in regards to audio levels, color and video levels. We can provide the correct files to the specific location. We can also provide delivery on tape if needed. Always be aware that tape delivery is SD only and requires at minimum overnight for the content to arrive to its destination.

Format Conversion and Transcoding - Tape to DVD or Blu-ray

We provide a service to archive all of your tapes onto DVD. You can also have your tapes broken down into segments and saved as file formats so you can upload to any video hosting service such as Youtube, Facebook, etc. As always, just contact us with any specific question that you may have and we'll help you the best that we can.

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